Ashwini Patil

Ashwini Patil

I was a simple housewife till recently, now I feel proud to introduce myself as a selfmade entrepreneur. The journey was hard but fulfilling. I could The transformation in me was only because of strong willpower and never say die spirit. I was a graduate and a working women. I had to face all the problems that a normal married working Indian women faces. Look after children, a fairly big family of seven individuals and work responsibilities. The responsibility of family meant that I could not give justice to my work and had to say quits to my office.

However, the burning desire to be independent was always alive and I decided to opt for self employment avenues. However, the question of selecting self employment activity was pertinent.

Being a housewife, cooking was my favorite pasttime activity. So I decided to test my culinary skills to zest. I learnt to make cakes and pastries by watching videos from youtube. Soon, I realized that I was indeed good in cake making. I sold the birthday cakes and began my journey as an entrepreneur.

In my journey, I got inspiration from Mrs.Chaitali Shivalkar, a strong lady who bore the responsibility of her family after the sudden demise of her husband. This kept me going. I met many such inspirations in my journey, which ensured that my motivation level never dropped. One such lady who acted as my mentor, my guide and my friend was Mrs.Namrata Gawade, who works in financial sector and is a coordinator of Swayamsiddha Foundation. Mrs. Gawade guided me on various aspects of entrepreneurship from time to time. She taugh me and other ladies the nitty gritties of investing in stocks and today we are gaining from the training in stock trading.

My dream is to start a training center where I will teach dynamic girls the art of cooking, bakery and sewing.


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