Chaitali Shivalkar

Chaitali Shivalkar

I was a typical housewife, without even less than little information about outside world as I was secured within the environs of my house. But, suddenly my world came crashing. My husband left us for heavenly journey. It was the most shocking event of my life. I was totally clueless how to support my kids who were now totally dependent on me. I was oblivious of the outside world on the other hand.

I will remain ever obliged to the owner of our building Sudam Bhoir (Sudam Kaka) who lended helping hand. The other person who guided me and is still my guide was Mrs.Namrata Gawade. She introduced me to the Bachat Gat (Self Help Group) and I became member of one. Later, as per the advise of Namrata, who happens to be my best friend, i joined Swayamsiddha Foundation. Namrata happened to be the coordinator of the organisation. From Swayamsiddha Foundation, i learnt incense stick making and perfume making. They taught manufacturing process and marketing skills. I shall remain ever obliged to their team for the efforts.

Today, I manufacture incense sticks and perfumes and vend it in my area and make a living. Through this business, today, I run my household, look after the education of my kids and feel more confident than ever.


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