Entrepreneur of the Month

November, 2021

Uma Desai

Introducing our Entrepreneur for the Month of Nov.,2021. A fighter by spirit coupled with positive approach makes you Uma Desai.

A late entrant into Entrepreneurship, she spent major part of her life in government service. Venturing into entrepreneurship after spending your life in relatively comfortable government job is not an easy task. But, our Uma madam did the switchover very calmly. She started her own food eatery in Konkan and now caters to the tourists authentic kokani dishes, she offers the recipes to the tourists by making the masalas learnt from various courses organized by Swayamsiddha.

Way to go ahead. We congratulate and wish all the best to Uma Desai for her future endavors.

October, 2021

Janvi Pawar

Meet a lady full of grit and determination. Meet our Janvi Pawar. With humble beginning, she galloped her way to establish herself as a successful entrepreneur.

Owing to personal issues Janvi took a big break from her school, only to continue her fifth division when her compatriots were way ahead of her. She, with grit and determination completed her graduation, completed fashion designing and learnt many other traits.

She kept on trying, kept on learning from her failures, everything kept failing for her, apart from her determination. She switched her sides, and started her own cooking kitchen named Wow Kitchen, cooking after all was her passion. Today, Janvis Wow kitchen is helping her realize her true potentials as a successful independent entrepreneur.

We wish all the best to Janvi Pawar for her future endavors.

September, 2021

Shonam Ghare

Meet our Entrepreneur of the Month, Shonam Ghare a multi talented, multi faceted personality. She is a Naturopath by profession, who has practiced naturopathy for more than a decade and earn gratitude and accolades from her patients for curing their illness.

Apart from Naturopathy, Shonam Ghare is a curious learner and has learnt other skill sets such as organic soap making, creative art of artificial jewellery making. By these special skill sets she has provided employment opportunities to other needy women as well. Shonam Ghare is an avid traveller and has explored many parts of our country.

We wish all the best to Shonam Ghare for her future endavors.

August, 2021

Vaishali Naik

What do you get when your passion turns into your business activity? You ride on a delightful journey. Meet Vaishali Naik, a self-made entrepreneur who started her business activity in the manufacture and sale of traditional Maharashtrian nine-yard sarees. By doing so, she not only has contributed her bit in popularizing the fashion of traditional Maharashtrian wear but thereby also contributing to conserving the rich Marathi culture.

Vaishali Naik's brand Char Choughi needs no introduction, she has won accolades for her brand and has even won the award from Mumbai Municipal Corporation for her entrepreneurial efforts on International Day for Women.

By following her passion, Vaishali Naik not only has fulfilled her dreams but has also rendered helping hands to others by providing them gainful employment opportunities in these troubled times. She is amongst the oldest members of the Swayamsiddha Family and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

August, 2020

Darpana Bhatte

The story of August 2020’s Women Entrepreneur of the month is an inspiring story of a women with never die spirit. The story reflects how patience and grit helps you achieve your desired goals.

Meet Darpana Bhatte of Virar. After her marriage she decided to take upon herself the responsibility of assisting her family financially. She started small businesses like making soft toys, artifical jewellery making etc.

Soon she realized her USP. She was a good cook, learning the traits from her mother right in her childhood days. She tried her hand in cooking. And she found her business goal. She excelled in it, and it was business cum pleasure for her as cooking was her passion.

Darpana madam, as we all fondly call her, started making Masala and Diwali sweets. Initially her relatives and friends supported her in her business by ordering items from her. Soon the lingering taste of her products spread all over.

Today, her customers have to pre-order products to get the orders realized. Her products have crossed our country’s borders and have reached foreign lands too. Even during this pandemic times due to COVID-19 situation, her loyal customers ensured steady supply of masalas and other items from her.

Mrs.Darpana Bhatte is our Women Entrepreneur for August, 2020. We wish her all the very best for her future endavors.

July, 2020

Shalan Sapre Joshi

The first thing a person finds in Mrs.Shalan Sapre Joshi is that she is polite and soft spoken. People, at times, misunderstand her soft spokenness as her weakness, but, beneath, she is a determined women. She is sincere, hard-working and remains focussed.

Starting from humble beginnings, Mrs.Sapre found her entrepreneurial destination in manufacturing sector. She started manufacturing of garments, initially on a small scale. Later, as she started getting good response from her clientele, she expanded her business. Today, Mrs.Joshi is not only self-sufficient, but, she provides invaluable employment opportunities to other women in the locality. She offloads her work to other women and contributes her bit in empowerment activity.

Mrs.Shalan Sapre is based in Boisar, Palghar District, but, her hard working nature and readiness to learn and adapt new skills makes her one of our regular attendees in all our Seminars and Workshops. Her hardwork and systematic approach has resulted in her organizing an Exhibition of Swayam Stores almost single handedly at Boisar.

We wish Mrs.Shalan Sapre a very good luck for her future endavors.

June, 2020

Sadhana Anvekar

We are pleased to announce our Entrepreneur of the month. Mrs.Sadhana Anvekar, a multi-faceted member of Swayamsiddha Parivar.

Mrs. Anvekar carries with her innocence of a child and is an curious learner of new traits. Cooking was her forte and she started her business of catering on a smaller scale. Buoyed by the success she got in her initial stages she engaged in other business activities. She learnt skills like organic product manufacturing and other similar activities. Today she is also actively engaged in manufacture of organic soaps and other related organic products.

Mrs.Sadhana Anvekar has just begin the journey. She is keen and determined to scale new heights. Mrs.Anvekar is poetess and pens down her feelings in form of poems which are heart touching. She is a member of Swayamsiddha Foundation’s e-news magazine Swayam Prerit.

We wish Mrs.Sadhana Anvekar all the very best for her future endeavors.

May, 2020

Chaitrali Agashe

Qualified with MBA HR & Masters in Labor Law. Chaitrali Agashe has worked in reputed multinational companies such as John Deere India & Tetra Pack India Ltd., She soon picked up the tricks of the business and in 2011 decided to start her own business.

She started her HR Consulting Firm Smart HR in the year 2011 in Pune. The company is engaged in Recruitment, Training & Development, HR Consultancy for the segment like IT, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Paint, Packaging, Logistics, etc.

From a humble start to the company, today the company provides services to several firms in India and abroad. During the last 10 years over 2000+ placements ranging from Machinist to Sr. Management level have been done successfully.

In period of Covid 19 the company is providing free online training to all the Mechanical Engineer Professionals on Quality Management System, Kaizan,5S , SCM & Production which helps to focus on personal as well as professional achievements.

April, 2020

Manisha Deshpande

Manisha Deshpande, started my career in the field of Accounting and Finance, she has worked with top FMCG company in Mumbai but always wanted to do something in the field of Food industry. With the goal set in mind, she quit her job and formed her own company named – Manisha Foods N Services, The company is having her kitchen in Chembur where they are running canteen. The company is also engaged in manufacture of namkeen and snacks items providing employment opportunity to .17 womens. During COVID-19 the company is providing free food items to needy and supporting poor families in Chembur.

Mrs.Manisha Deshpande is our Entrepreneur of the month for the month of April, 2020.

March, 2020

Bharati Pahade

Bharati Pahade's story is of a simple housewife turned into a successful women entrepreneur. She was determined and strong willed and wanted to do something out of the league. After trying hands in some business activities Bharati zeroed in on food products. Today her firm is engaged in manufacture of natural & nutritional products for baby like khimti, kheer. Her product range boasts of forty plus products. Bharati's enterprise specializes in manufacture of all the products that are without chemical and preservatives. She is the winner of Swayamsiddha Puraskar 2018-19.

Bharati Pahade is our "Entrepreneur for the month" of March, 2020.

February, 2020

Namrata Gawade

To a passerby, Namrata Gawade is just another common housewife. But, to those who know her, she is a person like no other. Her story inspires many. She started from a humble beginning, entered in areas where very few women tread. She learnt the Stock Market Operations from her husband and started involving herself in the trade. Slowly, but surely, she learnt the business and has now started her own company N.G.Financial Services OPC Ltd. What is notable is that her husband left his well settled job and joined his wife's company.

Namrata Gawade works in a mission mode. Her vision is to ensure that women and especially marathi women enter stock market business. To translate her vision into reality, she conducts free stock market training programmes for women at different locations. She has also started women run franchisee network of her company. Namrata always lends her bit in the effort of women empowerment and has supported cause of many women in Diva, Dist. Thane where she is based.

Namrata Gawade is our "Entrepreneur for the month" of February, 2020.

January, 2020

Ashwini Raut

Mrs.Ashwini Raut's story should inspire many. A mother of two from Pune. She is a classic example to demonstrate how one can convert your passion into a business. Cooking and Baking was the forte of Ashwini Raut from her childhood days. She learnt many recipes and mastered the art of baking.

Today, Ashwini is a successful Homebaker. So far she has conducted more than 400 cooking and baking classes successfully. The more inspiring part of the story is that till date she has helped more than 200 women to become independent by starting their own business activity.

Mrs.Ashwini Raut is our "Entrepreneur of the Month" for January, 2020.

December, 2019

Dr.Sonali Ashish kalgude

Dr.Sonali Ashish Kalgude is a practicing doctor. She runs Skin Care Clinic by the name Kalon Skin Care at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She specializes in advanced Skin & Hair Care. Dr.Sonali has also set up branches of her clinic in Nashik, Thane etc.

What separates Dr.Sonali from others is that she is engaged in social work as well. She has conducted more than 50 free medical camps for women, she also provides free counselling for women on physical, emotional and mental issues. Dr.Sonali also assists women in providing employment opportunities and has places more than 50 women in gainful employment activities. She is keenly involved in development of Self Help Groups (SHGs) as a tool for women empowerment.

Dr. Sonali is winner of Doctor Kokan Gaurav Award..2019, Adarsh Social Work Special Award 2019 and Creative Women Award 2018.

Dr.Sonali Ashish Kalgude is our "Entrepreneur of the Month" for December 2019.