Madhura Sawant

Madhura Sawant

When your passion becomes your trade, you enjoy every bit of the journey. Something similar happened to me. Cooking was always my forte. Right from my childhood days, I was known for my culinary skills. The economic condition of my family, back then before my marriage and after, was not so stable. Which did not deter me, in fact, it provided me impetus and motivation to do what I can do the best, i.e. cooking.

I was introduced to Swayamsiddha Foundation by Mrs.Namrata Gawade and with their support, I was able to pursue my dreams at a rapid pace. I started tiffin service from my house, today, I am able to realize my dream to start my own kitchen service (Poli Bhaji Kendra). I was provided consultancy and guidance by Mrs.Namrata Gawade and the team of Swayamsiddha Foundation.

Now, apart from regular tiffin items, I have started making traditional Maharashtrian sweets like Puran Poli, Modak etc. To supplement my business, I have started supplying dry fruits to local traders.

I thank one and all who assisted me in my journey till now.


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