namrata gawade

Namrata Gawade

To a passerby, Namrata Gawade is just another common housewife. But, to those who know her, she is a person like no other. Her story inspires many. She started from a humble beginning, entered in areas where very few women tread. She learnt the Stock Market Operations from her husband and started involving herself in the trade. Slowly, but surely, she learnt the business and has now started her own company N.G.Financial Services OPC Ltd. What is notable is that her husband left his well settled job and joined his wife’s company.

Namrata Gawade works in a mission mode. Her vision is to ensure that women and especially marathi women enter stock market business. To translate her vision into reality, she conducts free stock market training programmes for women at different locations. She has also started women run franchisee network of her company. Namrata always lends her bit in the effort of women empowerment and has supported cause of many women in Diva, Dist. Thane where she is based.

Namrata Gawade is our “Entrepreneur for the month” of February, 2020.


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