Organize our Events

We provide you an opportunity to work with us and organize training programmes / meetings / events on our behalf. You can work with us as co-organizer of such events. The following modalities are involved when you work with us our co-organizer.

1) The co-organizer will be selected by Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai after prior interview / meeting and submission of proposal to conduct event and approval of Swayamsiddha for the same.

2) This program will be conducted in format provided by the organization.

3) All arrangements (such as combination of selection of venue, course content, faculty selection, local level coordination, mobilize participation etc.) will be arranged by the co-organizer, the organization will arrange advertisement, mobilization of trainees, certificate etc. These events will be the official events of the organization.

4) A representative of the organization shall attend and monitor such programs

5) Training on skill development / soft skills / management skills / other subjects etc. can be imparted. Prior approval of course and course content will be taken by the co-organizer.

6) Your role will be that of the trainer and co-organizer and accordingly the rates of honorarium and reimbursement of expenditure will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

7) The organization will make its name / branding available to such program.

8) The selected trainer / co-organizer will be evaluated directly by the feedback received from the attendees during the program, if the trainee complains or if the expected quality of the program is not maintained then the institution may withhold honorarium. And such faculties will not be included in future events.

9) If you are unable to arrange the above requirements, you still can work with Swayamsiddha as its faculty member and contribute in the events of Swayamsiddha. Click here for more details.

Fill the form below to apply for co-organizer or as faculty.