Udyog Bharari


For Whom : New Entrepreneurs (Men & Women) who wish to start their own business.
Date : 01st Aug.,2021 (Sun)
Time : 02.00 pm to 05.00 pm
Language : Marathi
Medium : Zoom App
Fee :
Rs.300 for Members of Swayamsiddha
Rs.500 for Non-Members

For more information :
9029051434 / 8779661713

Contents :

  • Essentials of Business

  • Various stages of Business

  • How to start Business

  • How to identify Business

  • What are the Registrations to be made

  • How to raise finance for your Business

  • What are the government schemes for finance

  • What are various schemes of government for businesses

  • Addresses of various Authorities

  • Mandatory Legal Requirements while starting business

  • Various government marketing programmes

  • Business Opportunities in Post Corona World

  • Q&A Session